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Since ever, gold is the precious material par excellence and, during centuries, its processing has been subjected to endless transformations and improvements, so that nowadays it has reached shapes with a high perfection, ability, fantasy, as well as expressive capacity. Together with the evolution of fashion and culture, more sophisticated objects have been produced, in a sort of permanent emulating competition among different producers.

According to these preliminary remarks, LOTO PREZIOSI was created in 1972; it has increased with a surprising rhythm thanks to its continuous attention to the reality of the market. In fact, it shortly had success both all around Italy as well as abroad thanks to its wide production of earrings with semi-precious stones which, at that time, represented a new way of understanding the gold object: a sort of sector democratization; it was not only an exclusive jewel, but it was more often understood as an ornament within anyone’s reach.

For over 40 yearsthe world’s leading

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Nowadays, LOTO PREZIOSI is the leader of a group with an industrial size and production structure; at the same time, it is strictly faithful to standard techniques; it markets its own products with a huge stock of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, rings, set of jewels, both with and without semi-precious stones, as well as ultra-light objects.

Finally, we should remind that LOTO PREZIOSI is present to all the most important shows of the sector and promotes the market through nonstop advertising campaigns which, for its clients, surely represent a valid sale support.


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